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Ancillary Equipment

  • Automatic Blister Packing & Cartoning Machine

    Automatic Blister Packing & Cartoning Machine

    The line typically consists of a number of different machines, including a blister machine, a cartoner, and a labeller. The blister machine is used to form the blister packs, the cartoner is used to package the blister packs into cartons, and the labeller is used to apply labels to the cartons.

  • Clean Room

    Clean Room

    lVEN clean room system provides whole-process services covering the design, production, installation and commissioning in purification air conditioning projects strictly in accordance with the relevant standards and ISO /GMP international quality system. We have established construction, quality assurance, experimental animal and other production and research departments. Therefore, we can meet the purification, air conditioning, steriliza­tion, lighting, electrical and decoration needs in diverse fields such as aerospace, electronics, pharmacy, health care, biotechnology, health food and cosmetics

  • Pharmaceutical RO Water Treatment system

    Pharmaceutical RO Water Treatment system

    Reverse osmosis is the eighties developed a membrane separation technology, which mainly use the semipermeable membrane permeation principle, to give it a certain way by applying a pressure on the natural infiltration direction against the force of the water in the concentrated solution dilute the solution to penetrate this way is called reverse osmosis. By the components of the device is reverse osmosis reverse osmosis unit.

  • Storage tank

    Storage tank

    This equipment can be used in medicine, food, chemical industry, liquid material storage. Has a beautiful appearance, easy operation, the tank is equipped with automatic rotating cleaning head, to ensure thorough cleaning, materials used SUS304 or SUS316L, with mirror polished or matte surface treatment, meet the GMP standard.

  • Auto-clave


    Water bath sterilizer uses high temperature circulating water as sterilization medium, and carry out water-pouring sterilizing operation to LVP PP bottles. With anti-pressure protection device, it can be applied widely to high-and-low temperature sterilizing operation on liquid in glass bottles, ampoule bottles, plastic bottles, plastic bags etc. in pharmaceutical industry. It is also suitable for food industry to sterilize all kinds of sealed package, drinks, cans etc.

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Secondary Packing Solutions

    Pharmaceutical and Medical Secondary Packing Solutions

    The secondary packing production line for pharmaceutical and medical is mainly consisted of cartoning machine, big case cartoning, labeling, weighing station and also palletizing unit and Regulatory Code System etc.

    Once we accomplished the production process in pharmaceutical and medical Secondary Packing, the products will be transferred into the warehouse .

  • Automated Warehouse System

    Automated Warehouse System

    The AS/RS system usually contains several parts as Rack system, WMS software, WCS operation level part and etc.

    It is widely adopted in many pharmaceutical and food production field.

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