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OSD Equipment

  • Fluid Bed Granulator

    Fluid Bed Granulator

    Fluid bed granulator series are ideal equipment for drying  conventionally produced aqueous products. It is successfully designed on the basis of absorption, digestion of foreign advanced technologies, It’s one of the main process equipment for the solid dosage production in pharmaceutical industry, It is widely equipped in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries.

  • Coating Machine

    Coating Machine

    The coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean, and GMP-compliant mechatronics system, can be used for organic film coating, water-soluble coating, dripping pill coating, sugar coating, chocolate and candy coating, suitable for tablets, pills, candy, etc.

  • Roller Compactor

    Roller Compactor

    Roller compactor adopts continuous feeding and discharging method. Integrates the extrusion, crushing and granulating functions, directly makes powder into granules. It is especially suitable for granulation of materials which are wet, hot, easily broken down or agglomerated. It has been widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, granules made by the roller compactor can be directly pressed into tablets or filled into capsules.

  • High Shear Wet Type Mixing Granulator

    High Shear Wet Type Mixing Granulator

    The machine is a process machine widely applied for solid preparation production in the pharmaceutical industry. It has functions include mixing, granulating, etc. It has been widely used in such industries as medicine, food, chemical industry, etc.

  • Capsule Filling Machine

    Capsule Filling Machine

    This capsule filling Machine is suitable for filling various domestic or imported capsules. This machine is controlled by a combination of electricity and gas. It equipped with electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling, and locking of the capsules respectively, reducing labor intensity, improving production efficiency, and meeting the requirements of pharmaceutical hygiene. This machine is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dose, novel in structure, beautiful in appearance, and convenient in operation. It is the ideal equipment for filling capsule with the latest technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • High Speed Tablet Press Machine

    High Speed Tablet Press Machine

    This high speed tablet press machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen man-machine interface. The pressure of the punch is detected by an imported pressure sensor to achieve real-time pressure detection and analysis. Automatically adjust the powder filling depth of the tablet press to realize automatic control of tablet production. At the same time, it monitors the mold damage of the tablet press and the supply of powder, which greatly reduces the production cost, improves the qualification rate of the tablets, and realizes one-person multi-machine management.

  • Automatic IBC Washing Machine

    Automatic IBC Washing Machine

    Automatic IBC Washing Machine is a necessary equipment in solid dosage production line. It’s used for washing IBC and can avoid cross contamination. This machine has reached the international advanced level among similar products. It can be used for auto washing and drying bin in such industries as pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical.

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