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Bioprocess module

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IVEN provides products and services to the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions, and provides customized integrated engineering solutions according to user needs in the biopharmaceutical industry, which are used in the fields of recombinant protein drugs, antibody drugs, vaccines and blood products.

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To provide pharmaceutical companies with a liquid preparation system for biological products such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins, including medium preparation, fermentation, harvesting, buffer preparation, and preparation preparation.

The system adopts 3D modular design, compact, beautiful and generous. The main materials such as tanks, pumps, heat exchangers, filters, valves, pipes, meters, etc. required by the system are selected from international and domestic excellent brands to ensure the overall quality of the system. The hardware selection of the equipment control system is based on the standard modules widely used in the world. Among them, the PLC chooses the Siemens 300 series, and the HMI chooses the MP277 series touch screen. The design, inspection and composition of automatic control conform to the V-model of GAMP5, and the software model is suitable for all S7 PLC systems. The system can realize automatic control of production, cleaning and sterilization, and verify the system based on risk assessment, including risk assessment (RA), design confirmation (DQ), installation confirmation (IQ), operation confirmation (OQ), and provide a complete set Verify the file.

Bioprocess module
Bioprocess module

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