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Pharmaceutical Equipment

  • PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line

    PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line

    Automatic PP bottle IV solution production line includes 3 set equipment, Preform/Hanger Injection machine, Bottle blowing machine, Washing-Filling-Sealing machine. The production line has the feature of automatic, humanized and intelligent with stable performance and quick and simple maintenance. High production efficiency and low production cost, with high quality product which is the best choice for IV solution plastic bottle.

  • Cartridge Filling Production Line

    Cartridge Filling Production Line

    IVEN cartridge filling production line (carpule filling production line) welcomed a lot for our customers to produce cartridges/carpules with bottom stoppering, filling, liquid vacuuming (surplus liquid), cap adding, capping after drying and sterilizing. Full safety detection and intelligent control to guarantee stable production, like no cartridge/carpule, no stoppering, no filling, auto material feeding when it is running out.

  • Syrup Washing Filling Capping Machine

    Syrup Washing Filling Capping Machine

    Syrup Washing Filling Capping Machine includes syrup bottle air /ultrasonic washing, dry syrup filling or liquid syrup filling and capping machine. It is integrate design, one machine can wash, fill and screw bottle in one machine, reduce investment and production cost. The whole machine is with very compact structure, small occupying area, and less operator. We can equip with bottle handing and labeling machine also for the complete line.

  • Vial Liquid Filling Production Line

    Vial Liquid Filling Production Line

    The Vial liquid filling production line includes vertical ultrasonic washing machine, RSM sterilizing drying machine, filling and stoppering machine, KFG/FG capping machine. This line can work together as well as independently. It can complete the following functions of ultrasonic washing, drying& sterilizing, filling& stoppering, and capping.

  • Prefilled Syringe Machine (include vaccine)

    Prefilled Syringe Machine (include vaccine)

    Prefilled syringe is a new type of drug packaging developed in 1990s. After more than 30 years of popularization and use, it has played a good role in preventing the spread of infectious diseases and the development of medical treatment. Prefilled syringes are mainly used for packaging and storage of high-grade drugs and are directly used for injection or surgical ophthalmology, otology, orthopedics, etc.

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (CAPD) Production Line

    Peritoneal Dialysis Solution (CAPD) Production Line

    Our Peritoneal Dialysis Solution production line, with Compact structure, occupying small space. And Various data can be adjusted and save for welding, printing, filling, CIP & SIP like temperature, time, pressure, also can be printed out as required. The main drive combined by servo motor with synchronous belt, accurate position. Advanced mass flow meter gives precise filling, volume can be adjusted easily by man-machine interface.

  • Multi Chamber IV Bag Production Lline

    Multi Chamber IV Bag Production Lline

    Our equipment ensures trouble-free operation, with reduced maintenance costs and long-term reliability.

  • Non-PVC Soft Bag Production Line

    Non-PVC Soft Bag Production Line

    Non-PVC soft bag production line is the latest production line with most advanced technology. It can automatically finish film feeding, printing, bag making, filling and sealing in one machine. It can supply you different bag design with single boat type port, single/double hard ports, double soft tube ports etc.

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