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  • Automatic IBC Washing Machine

    Automatic IBC Washing Machine

    Automatic IBC Washing Machine is a necessary equipment in solid dosage production line. It’s used for washing IBC and can avoid cross contamination. This machine has reached the international advanced level among similar products. It can be used for auto washing and drying bin in such industries as pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical.

  • Bioreactor


    IVEN provides professional services in engineering design, processing and manufacturing, project management, verification, and after-sales service. It provides biopharmaceutical companies such as vaccines, monoclonal antibody drugs, recombinant protein drugs, and other biopharmaceutical companies with individualization from laboratory, pilot test to production scale. A full range of mammalian cell culture bioreactors and innovative overall engineering solutions.

  • Fully Automatic Production Line for Insulin Pen Needle

    Fully Automatic Production Line for Insulin Pen Needle

    This assembly machinery is used to assemble insulin needles that are used for diabetics.

  • Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line

    Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line

    The blood collection tube production line includes tube loading, Chemical dosing, drying, stoppering & capping, vacuuming, tray loading, etc. Easy & safe operation with individual PLC &HMI control, only need 2-3 workers can run the whole line well.

  • Virus Sampling Tube Assembling Line

    Virus Sampling Tube Assembling Line

    Our Virus Sampling Tube Assembling Line is mainly used for filling transport medium into virus sampling tubes. It with high degree of automation, high production efficiency, and have a good process control and quality control.

  • PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line

    PP Bottle IV Solution Production Line

    Automatic PP bottle IV solution production line includes 3 set equipment, Preform/Hanger Injection machine, Bottle blowing machine, Washing-Filling-Sealing machine. The production line has the feature of automatic, humanized and intelligent with stable performance and quick and simple maintenance. High production efficiency and low production cost, with high quality product which is the best choice for IV solution plastic bottle.

  • Cartridge Filling Production Line

    Cartridge Filling Production Line

    IVEN cartridge filling production line (carpule filling production line) welcomed a lot for our customers to produce cartridges/carpules with bottom stoppering, filling, liquid vacuuming (surplus liquid), cap adding, capping after drying and sterilizing. Full safety detection and intelligent control to guarantee stable production, like no cartridge/carpule, no stoppering, no filling, auto material feeding when it is running out.

  • Bioprocess module

    Bioprocess module

    IVEN provides products and services to the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies and research institutions, and provides customized integrated engineering solutions according to user needs in the biopharmaceutical industry, which are used in the fields of recombinant protein drugs, antibody drugs, vaccines and blood products.

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